If I had this gauntlet!

Another review of the source material for the Marvel Avengers movies. Once again, this is the source material, if you have only seen the movies, they loosely follow the concept. Previously I reviewed Infinity War here, this story to me is a bit closer to what was used in the movies...but not really. Here, the bad guy is someone called the Magus, the evil alter-ego of...


Daddy Daughter reading club

So let me start by saying that I read this book because I was video chatting with my teenage daughter one night (I'm currently deployed) and I asked her what she was currently reading. Her excitement over this book made me go on Amazon and immediately buy it so we could read it together and discuss during our video chats.
It is a Young Adult...


This ain't the movies!

Reader beware, if you are expecting the movies to have followed the source material religiously, you will be sadly mistaken. That said, the source material was that good, they used the basis of it for a movie, well several movies really.
This compilation has Thanos as a...well I'm not sure really. He seems to be a good guy at times and at others he's the...


Zombies, Conspiracies and Gravediggers, Oh my!

Area 187: Almost Hell, by Eric R Lowther is one of the best zombie books I’ve read in years. It is a stand-alone book, very long, but always exciting. It takes a look at the whole zombie genre from a different view. Rather than a worldwide apocalypse, this little outbreak happens within a small region of the United States, quartered off and labeled as Area 187.



So for starters, if you are thinking about passing on this book because it's a Star Wars novel, don't. This is a great story no matter what the source material is. Well written and complete with thought out characters.
The book follows the origin story of Captain Phasma, the silver Storm Trooper leader featured in the newest Star Wars films. The story gives insight to...


Fashionably Dead

Fashionably Dead is the 1st book in the Hot Damned series by Robyn Peterman

Astrid is a teacher at a senior center, teaching art to a bunch of highly opinionated and misbehaving seniors. She also needs to stop smoking, while trying not to graze like a cow on speed. Unfortunately, the visit to a hypnotist at the local strip mall isn't quite what...



I first became familiar with Franz Kafka after a visit to the Czech Republic with my wife in 2017. We both fell in love with the country, especially Prague. I had heard of Kafka before that visit but had not read any of his work. We saw a large mechanical bust of Kafka while in Prague and then began to see other homages to the...



I would like to give this book a short synopsis before delving into my review of the actual book. I will try to avoid spoilers at all cost during this review and warn the reader if a spoiler does slip in.

Synopsis: In a utopian world there is no more crime, politics, war, or famine. Thanks to the most advance version of...



shibumi (渋み) (noun)
A particular aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty.

Shibumi means 'Effortless Perfection'. Shibumi is anything that is quiet in refinement, noble and fulfilling in a manner that is not shaped exclusively by analytical thought.

The novel Shibumi, by Trevanian (the pen name for Rodney William Whitaker), is a novel published in 1979 about an...



This is book #8 in the Iron Druid Chronicles. It stars Atticus O'Sullivan, who is a 2,000 year old Druid,and his loyal Irish wolfhound, Oberon. He makes a potion he calls Imortali-tea that keeps them both alive. It makes them young again. They are battling with an old vampire,and his followers, who wiped out the rest of the Druids when Atticus was a fairly new druid