The Dead Tell Tales

This work by Eric Lowther is a collection of zombie themed short stories. Mr. Lowther has not produced any writings since this collection was released, and I have written him a sternly written letter (seriously, we talked, I begged.). I love how this man’s creativity and take on zombies comes forward. We even get a little treat. His wife has a story in here as well. I will list the shorty’s for you and give you a little peek and my thoughts.

Milliners Farm: Farmer families and their lands with their small, close knit towns always look out for their own. When big corporations send out their land buyers, well… sometimes they get more than a ‘good deal’. This was a pretty tame story. I liked it, don’t get me wrong, but I sort of saw where it was going after just a few paragraphs.
Area 187; Almost Home: This is supposed to be a prolog for the book of the same name… that has yet to see the light of day. It’s still great though, to see the Area again. If you haven’t read Area 187: Almost Hell, I suggest you do. You won’t regret that, and this short story just makes you crave the Area even more.
The Enemy of My Enemy: Zombies roam the world. OH! Vampires exist! Now, can humans and vampires come together in a treaty to eradicate the zombies? This was a GREAT story. I would love to see a full length novel on this.
The Pyre of London: This is pure historical fiction. A ‘what if’, set in the time of the plague and the very real fire that ravaged London. This story was written by Anna Lowther, and it’s good. I liked the history play of it. However, it was also kind of droning. It didn’t grip me.
Suffer the Little Children…: Santa, very angry Santa. This one is wonderful. A Christmas tale, but not for the faint of heart. This one has gore galore. And SANTA! Santa and zombies should always go together.
New World Order: This one is hard to describe. It’s very good. It will make your blood pump with anger, it did mine. Basically, this is something that could happen to a nerd who feels he’s finally come into his own and he can finally rise up as an alpha male – by being exceptionally cruel (Caution: This one has some mature content. Gross mature content.).
Night of the Living Pacifists: This was a great read. I really liked the idea behind it, and of course, the execution. Just what would you do if your religious doctrine was of non-violence? Against anything. I mean, you have to survive ZOMBIES! This story takes you into the moral ground of pacifism in a world of walking dead that want to nothing more than to eat you.
Tenure: I REALLY enjoyed this story. It was creative and flowed so well. The author really shifted gears on this one and it was so fascinating to read. In this story, we see a zombie and a General. Having a highly intelligent conversation. It was wonderful to read this take on the zombies.
Don’t Drink the Water: This is another piece of work centered on the Area 187 zombie universe. If you have indeed read the book, you know of Jasper. This is a brief story on how he met the hero of Area 187. It was really great to get some back story that predates the events of the 187 book. The author’s style easily flows back into the river of that universe and it was great.
Trails End: This is Eric Lowthers first ever zombie story. And it, in a way, is historical fiction. We get little bits of true old west history in this story. So, cowboys, Indians and zombies. It was an imaginative combination, and the story was pretty riveting. I enjoyed it!


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