Aftermath, Inc

Imagine the gruesome scene of a family member’s murder or suicide. Did you know when the coroner picks up a body, they don’t grab all the… bits? No, they don’t. They don’t tidy up for you. You are left with some ‘remains’. In the past, family, friends and ever church organizations would offer to help clean up, but nowadays, it’s a full on business, thanks in part to new laws governing what is ‘bio hazardous’.
Tim Reifsteck and Chris Wilson, stepped up to create a team of biohazard cleaners. They use top notch equipment. They are license and bonded for nearly anything when it comes to just how far the ‘cleanup’ can go. Such as, in one case, the body had set in a small house in the middle of the summer for weeks. The body going putrid, and then breaking down into a liquid had set in. This means, they have to pull up all the flooring and the wall part of the body was resting on. And then they discovered the liquid has seeped through the floor into the basement…all that had to be cleaned. The also restore, such as hardwood and carpeting. They even as a nifty machine to kill the rancid smell of death out of the air and neutralize anything airborne, while giving the home a nice cherry scent.
Gil Reavill follows the team around for a bit, documenting first-hand accounts and scenes, talking with former and current clients and even police personnel. He gets the beginnings of each owner, and employee to capture that while it’s a pretty messed up job, it’s a fascinating one at that.


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