The Zombie Survival Guide

This parody of a survival guide is written by Max Brooks, who also wrote World War Z. Now, let me just clue you in here… Mr Max Brooks is none other than the son of comedy extraordinaire Mel Brooks! So, I guess it runs in the family, though, I myself was kind of taken back by how serious World War Z was. The Zombie Survival Guide is pure comedic gold for those of us into the whole zombie apocalypse thing. The book gives its takes on so many different scenarios and zombies. Most importantly, situations and how to theoretically how to survive them. The fun part is the ‘record attacks’ that date back B.C to 2002 A.D.. There are drafted plans for defense and attacks. Getting to know ‘your weapons of choice’, and getting in tune with yourself. There are plans and diagrams… it has it all. For satire, a lot of thought went into this piece of work. I giggled… then thought…’what would I do in this situation?’. It’s a fun read, and, for some of us, some knowledge… I love this kind of thing, as I believe the world needs a zombie apocalypse solely for my entertainment.


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