The Last Town: A Novel of the Zombie Apocalypse

The world is now owned by the dead. The Zeds, or Stenches, now own the lands. They hunt for fresh human flesh to feed upon.
One exceedingly wealthy man was given a warning ahead of time. He springs a plan into action for his hometown.
Make it a fortress unto itself. Bigger and better than anything the military has tried. He tossed as much money as possible for the best of everything for his little town and his neighbors.
Of course, gratitude doesn’t rest on the lips and hearts of everyone, as some dismiss the whole ‘zombie apocalypse altogether, even after witnessing an event first hand.
Then there is the famous anti-gun TV show host, a smarmy cheeky man who is asked to document everything. He wasn’t there by choice, his car broke down and he and his wife hole up in the local hotel.
Panic soon arises when the plan to protect this town calls for cutting off a main highway that runs through the town, leaving people fleeing to other places to find new routes…and pray their gasoline tanks hold out.
Let’s toss in some escaped prisoners. Yeah.
Stephen Knight tosses together a very eclectic cast of characters here, and its wonderful interaction that makes your pulse race at times, or bite the book and swear like a sailor others.
This is the last book in the Gathering Dead series, though none of our old favorites make an appearance. This show belongs to an older man with the will and money to save his beloved town.


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