Dead in L.A.: A "Gathering Dead" Novel

When Hollywood screenwriter and former Border Patrolman Robert Wallace recovers from a sickness that nearly killed him, he finds that his wife has been killed, his son is missing, and Los Angeles has been turned into a zombie wasteland. Wallace strikes out on his own in search of his son, who has managed to keep himself alive after witnessing the death of his mother. It’s a game of hide and seek for the young boy to evade the zombies, and a maddening search for his father who desperately wants to save his son.
Edge of your seat time again. This one, however, out of the Gathering Dead series, fell a little short for me. Maybe I feel it was unneeded. We had so much jam packed in the Gathering Dead Volumes. However, when I think on it, this is a good piece from a complete nonmilitary perspective. Just dad wanting to find his kid, with nothing by way of training for either of them.


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