THE RISING HORDE: VOLUME 2 The Sequel to The Gathering Dead!

The War Between the Dead and the Living Has Begun
Cord McDaniels, nicely promoted to Lt. Colonel, is now in command of Joint Task Force SPARTA along with another freshly promoted Gartrell. The lab is making progress on a vaccine, but so are the zombies in their trek to overrun the facility. They number in the millions, having swarmed and built their numbers crossing the country, those smart ones picking up weapons of their own along the way.
The scientist manage to get the vaccine into production, but time is running out at the facility and the military is trying its best to make a great exodus to a safer region and new production facility.
What lengths will they go to to eliminate the millions in little old Odessa Texas?
This is a heart pounding thrill ride. Stephen Knight really outdid himself for the final volume.
Now, don’t get me wrong. This one is still going to hit you in the feels from time to time. We meet and fall in love with certain characters only to see them abused by the author (it’s our favorite thing to do!) but all in all, it’s a great collection with a new outlook on things. I love when an author thinks outside the box, and Stephen Knight seems to do this with everything he writes.


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