The Sequel to The Gathering Dead!

We once again see Special Forces operators Cord McDaniels and David Gartrell together again, no matter how much they may dislike one another.
The ‘smart’ zombies seem to be making a trek, gathering other along the way, toward Texas.
McDaniels and Gartrell are sent to a medical facility in Odessa Texas where a team is working on an anti-virus. Their mission is to fortify and defend before the world is full of nothing but ‘stenches’.
The smart zombies are on to them…even with the full military backing making the medical facility a fortress it may not be enough.
This good is great. I love the interaction of characters and I really love how the zombies are represented in this series. We learn a little history between McDaniels and Gartrell, and meet new characters that you really invest some feelings in.


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