If I had this gauntlet!

Another review of the source material for the Marvel Avengers movies. Once again, this is the source material, if you have only seen the movies, they loosely follow the concept. Previously I reviewed Infinity War here, this story to me is a bit closer to what was used in the movies...but not really. Here, the bad guy is someone called the Magus, the evil alter-ego of Adam Warlock (See The Infinity War review) and the good guy, well one of them, might be...Thanos? If you've read other reviews of mine you know I don't give out spoilers.
Like others in this story line, the writing is superb and the artwork is AMAZING! I have have liked the artwork in this series more than Infinity War. But not much more.
My only complaint is the costumes on some of the women in the Marvel Universe. I can understand why some people complain about it. Not really functional or realistic.
Anyhoo, great freaking story and incredible art once again. See credits below for the complete group responsible for this masterpiece.
Written by Jim Starlin
Penciller(s) George PĂ©rez, Ron Lim
Inker(s) Josef Rubinstein, Tom Christopher, Bruce N Solotoff
Letterer(s) Jack Morelli
Colorist(s) Max Scheele, Ian Laughlin


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