LEFT WITH THE DEAD A "Gathering Dead" Novella

New York City has fallen to the zombies. All those millions of people are walking flesh eaters.
In the 1st book in the series, The Gathering Dead, we see First Sergeant David Gartrell sacrifice himself to see McDaniels and the last remaining survivors make it to the Cutter. His ammo is almost gone. He is far from any other military detachments. All he has is his Special Forces training and experience and a very strong desire not to be munched upon by the dead.
He manages to find a safe haven with a survivor left behind and her special needs son. We see little rays of hope when communications with a military detachment are finally achieved.
Let the planning and execution of said plans commence.
In the FEELS.
This one will get you, it really will. I sniffled and pouted by the end of this read with all the unexpected twists and turns.
Another great read from Stephen Knight. And trust me, the rest of the series is every bit as good!


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