Zombies, Conspiracies and Gravediggers, Oh my!

Area 187: Almost Hell, by Eric R Lowther is one of the best zombie books I’ve read in years. It is a stand-alone book, very long, but always exciting. It takes a look at the whole zombie genre from a different view. Rather than a worldwide apocalypse, this little outbreak happens within a small region of the United States, quartered off and labeled as Area 187.
Our heroes, a hardened ex-military helicopter pilot who spends most of his time within the Area, and a smart, but naïve journalist travel together in search of their own agendas that just so happen to merge.
We see zombies a little different than what we have seen presented in other books and television.
The government, oh, the big bad government has it out for our heroes.
Even survivors trapped, or those choosing life within the Area are out to get them!
Eric R Lowthers writing style is smooth and refreshing. He weaves this tale with intrigue and intelligence. You don’t have to be a doctor of pathology or a military professional to get through the jargon either. While the book may be rather long, it keeps your interest from start to finish…and wanting more.
I recommend this book to everyone. Even those who are not so much into zombies, it’s a good horror genre fit. It also has conspiracies abound. From the government to the press, you will find yourself just wanting to scream sometimes.
This is usually my go to book that I can read over and over. I highly recommend it.
Eric Lowther hasn’t publish a follow up as promised, but hopefully we will see that soon.
Go forth, readers… devour this book.


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