Fashionably Dead

Fashionably Dead is the 1st book in the Hot Damned series by Robyn Peterman

Astrid is a teacher at a senior center, teaching art to a bunch of highly opinionated and misbehaving seniors. She also needs to stop smoking, while trying not to graze like a cow on speed. Unfortunately, the visit to a hypnotist at the local strip mall isn't quite what she bargained for. Astrid quits smoking alright, but she also quits eating and breathing, and the journey for her future is turned onto a wildly different course.

With the usual ingredients, except for that particular sparkle, Fashionably Dead is such a delightfully weird and uproariously fun take on the whole supernatural genre. In this first book, Robyn Peterman has begun the creation of a world clearly turned on its head. She has even given voice to that which is usually only vaguely defined in most fantasy, and she does it in such a way that I could easily suspend my belief. It is very clear from the first page until the last page, that Robyn is having so much fun and really enjoys playing in this new universe.

You will laugh. You will laugh a lot, and possibly fall off the chair or wherever you're reading this book. There might be a little bit of eye rolling, and gasping in surprise, before running off to pack the bags because there got to be a way to make it into this universe.

From what little I have gotten to know about Robyn since I found my first read, I have a sneakin' suspicion this could be autobiographic. Nothing painted this vividly with simple words can be makebelieve.


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